Our oils

What makes our olive oil so exceptional?

- Olive trees selected for a cool climate

The multi award winning extra virgin olive oil from Cradle Coast Olives is produced from five traditional varieties of trees, each perfectly suited to the cool climate and volcanic soil of north-western Tasmania.

The extra virgin olive oils from these cultivars range in colour from whiskey yellow to luminescent green. The flavours are exceptional.

Tending the trees


- Ideal environment and meticulous management

Our awards and recognition have come about because we are blessed with ideal soils and a perfect micro-climate, as well as constant and meticulous management. Each year the olive trees are hand pruned in a way that will allow maximum sunlight to penetrate, we believe that “Good sunlight equals good oil”.

- Harvesting and Pressing

During the winter the fruit is harvested by hand. This ensures minimal damage to the young olives.

To further ensure best practice, the olives from Cradle Coast Olives go straight to the on-site Olio Mio high-tech cold press. Storing olives in bins, even overnight, causes heat to build up and affecting the quality, which is a problem that industrial processors find hard to avoid. 

We do not suffer from that deterioration because we micro-manage every stage of the process, very much including same day processing wherever possible.

The X-factor in the superior quality of Cradle Coast Olives' extra virgin olive oil is hygiene. Every day, when in use, the olive press is pulled down and sterilised. It’s a time-consuming effort, but when it comes to cleanliness, there is absolutely no compromise.

- Exceeding international standards

The international standard for extra virgin olive oil is less than 0.8% free fatty acid level. The extra virgin olive oil from Cradle Coast Olives has been tested at less than 0.2% and has exceedingly high level of oleic acid and polyphenols.

This is a world ranking, high standard for quality, and significantly exceeds the nutritional rating of most brand name olive oils found on supermarket shelves.